As a private family company located in Iran, we have been trading nuts and dried fruits in the international import and export industry for several years

We are one of the leaders in the Iranian market focusing on nuts and dried fruits from certified processing plants that are fully compliant with regulations and based on HACCP, FSSC 22000, IFS and organic standards

International producer and exporter of nuts and dried fruits, our company is a specialist in Iranian nuts and dried fruits. This is the main reason why we can offer you the best combination of price and quality. In addition to pistachios, we also supply high-quality products such as raisins, dates, and pistachio kernels

Thanks to well-organized operational procedures, we are able to provide our customers with timely export products and services, and they appreciate the ambitious service in today’s dynamic business structure and supply

Family-owned and operated company

Farhani Foods

We manage more than 200 hectares of pistachio orchards

Farhani Foods

We have the annual production capacity of more than 20,000 tons of pistachios and raisins

Farhani Foods

We use the most environmentally-friendly pesticides and fertilizers to guarantee the quality

Farhani Foods is a producer and exporter of Iranian pistachios. We grow, process and package the best pistachios with strict quality controls to make them available to more people

Mr. Farhani’s complex is a vast complex with 400 hectares of modern gardens, 4 factories and two commercial offices. We carry out every step of the process under the same supervision from growth to export, which makes us one of the few companies in the industry that is able to control all quality standards and criteria. This is why we offer the most competitive prices in the market and have always been one of the top suppliers of pistachios and raisins. Our technicians prepare the products for each of our manufacturers considering each of the important parameters including types, sizes and types. Our pistachios and raisins are available in bulk or packaged in different formats. We have customers from all over the world and we have the capacity to produce 20,000 tons of pistachios and raisins per year

Fully organized operating procedures

All in regular and organic quality

Producer & Eexporter Iranian nuts

Best price & quality combination

Premium Products

ماجد فرحانی بنیانگذار هلدینگ فرحانی فودز
Majed Farhani

One of the main success factors of companies and economic enterprises is commitment, expertise, creativity and respect for customers' demands, and companies will be successful if they can carefully listen to customers' monitoring and demands and then fulfill them with knowledge. and new technology combined to create a lasting effect. In order to continue its activities and expand its influence in the global market, Treding Pouya Co. with brand has put customer satisfaction as the priority of its programs, to achieve quality with a responsible approach to providing all services. Because we believe that achieving all our dreams will be possible if we want to. After going through many ups and downs in many years, we have stepped into a new field that has guaranteed the growth and development of the collection, but without a doubt we are at the beginning of our journey and the path we have taken firmly from the beginning and Believing in the future, we stood firm in it and moved forward. Just as in the beginning, customer orientation and consumer satisfaction were our main priorities, we hope that your continuous satisfaction will set a clear vision for this company. We try to provide a variety of services according to your wishes and needs, and to be with you for the prosperity of your business

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