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Exporter Golden Raisins - Farhani Foods

Exporter Golden Raisins Manufacturer / The dried fruit of the grape tree is called raisin, and one of its export types is the golden raisin, which has the best quality, especially in terms of appearance, and has a relatively higher price than other raisins.

Export Golden Raisins

Among the raisin exporting countries, Iran ranks third after Turkey and the United States, but in terms of variety and supply of different types of products, it has the highest rank, among which golden raisin has the largest share of exports, because in terms of quality, it is at the level of It is very well located.

Grade 1 golden raisins have different prices due to their differences. Golden raisins have an attractive appearance and we export about 20.000 tons of these raisins per year.

Golden raisins are exported to the following countries:

Raisin export to Qatar
Raisin export to Russia
Raisin export to Ukraine
Raisin export to Belarus
Raisin export to Oman
Raisin export to Iraqi Kurdistan


Golden raisin has many fans all over the world because of its unique color, and the production process of golden raisin begins with drying the grapes. Golden raisin is one of the most delicious raisins in Iran, which has many fans in Iran and abroad. This seedless and yellow raisin is produced and exported in the grape growing cities of the country. It is among Iran’s export raisins. If you want to get acquainted with golden raisins, stay with us in this article.


The best raisins in Iran

Golden raisin is the best raisin that is produced in Iran and for this reason it has the most demand among foreign countries. European and wealthy Persian Gulf countries love Iran’s golden raisins.

Therefore, the export of golden raisins is more than the export of other raisins. This welcome has made Iranian factories such as Farhani Foods to put the production of golden raisins on their agenda. Just take a look at the global golden raisin market and you will understand that Iran is the first in this field.


What is Premium Golden Raisin?


Golden raisins have different grades in the dear country of Iran. These ratings are based on European standards approved by various organizations. Therefore, golden raisins are divided into two categories: golden or premium raisins. Premium golden raisins are special for European countries and for export.

The meaning of golden raisin is that for each kilogram of golden raisin, only 1% of it has low quality raisins. If the desired percentage reaches two, the golden raisins are packed under the name of first grade.

You can contact us to buy golden raisins in high tonnage, excellent quality and competitive price.

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