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Iranian Pistachios


The Green Gold

From the best farms and according to the most precise processes

Kalleh-Ghouchi Pistachios

Jumbo Pistachios



Farhani Foods

Because of its large, hazelnut-shaped kernel and the fruitfulness of its tree, Kalleghouchi is very prevalent and trendy and is longer and larger than Fandoghi. This type of pistachio has a long history of cultivation, dating back to 2000 BC

Akbari Pistachios

Super Long Pistachios




Akbari Pistachio also known internationally as Super Long Pistachio, is really popular because of its elegant look and amazing taste. Akbari pistachio kernel is pale red. Akbari pistachio is smiling down on both sides

Ahmad Aghai Pistachios

Long AA




Like Akbari Pistachios, Ahmad Aghai Pistachios are also known internationally as Super Long Pistachio and have great taste and elegant flavor. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio kernel is reddish in color.

Fandoghi Pistachios

Round Pistachios




This type of pistachio is shorter and smaller than other long types. It has a round, hazelnut shape. Considering its reasonable price, Fandoghi is one of the best-selling pistachios

Green Peeled

These are in fact kaal pistachios with their paper thin skin removed and they are among the most delicate and expensive foods in the world. They vary in color from dark green to light, in different grades

Special Export


Kaal(Raw) - Kernels

These kernels are obtained from unripe pistachios fruits and are green, and harvested early in the season. These kernels are usually peeled and due to their vibrant green color the are used for fine pastry and food decoration

Special Export

Iranian Pistachios Classes

Depending on the ratio of defective pistachios in 100 grams of pistachios, they are categorized as Extra Class, A+ Class, and A-Class. In order to help the customers choose their category, we have provided a visual guide and the defined terms to familiarize you with the common defects in pistachios

18.20-20.22-22.24-24.26-26.28 : Akbari Pistachios

22.24-24.26-26.28-28.30-30.32 : Ahmad Aghai Pistachios

18.20-20.22-22.24-24.26 : Kalleh-Ghouchi Pistachios

28.30-30.32-32.34 : Fandoghi Pistachios

Iranian Raisins


Yellow Gold

From the best farms and according to the most precise processes


Malayer & Sultana

These seedless raisins are also known as Iranian Golden Seedless. They are Vitis vinifera exposed to the sunlight on trees or trays and dried naturally for weeks

Special Export


Sultana raisins are treated with sulfur dioxide through an industrial process and dried with heat. This grape’s specific color spectrum ranging from gold to amber, results from this drying process

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Iranian Dates

From Iran to the world

From the best farms and according to the most precise processes

Farhani Foods date


Zahedi Dates/Mazafati Dates/Piarom Dates/Rabbi Dates

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Iranian Pistachios Types

Iranian Pistachios include Ahmad Aghai and Akbari (as Super long Pistachios), Kalleh-Ghuchi (Jumbo Pistachios), and Fandoghi Pistachios (round Pistachios)

Long Pistachios

LIncluding Akbari and Ahmad Aghai Pistachios also known internationally as Super Long Pistachios. They are really popular because of their elegant look and they are suitable for serving

Jumbo Pistachios

JThis type includes only Kalleh-Ghuchi pistachios and it is also one of the popular Iranian pistachio types because it is larger and longer compared to the other types. The kernels are also bigger

Round Pistachios

Round pistachios include Fandoghi pistachios and they are the most economic of pistachio types for wholesale and retail buyers. They have the smallest size among other Iranian pistachios

What is Pistachio ounce

Ounce is the international agreed measure for pistachio trade. Variety and pistachio ounce are two main factors affecting pistachio sales. In order to measure the ounce of pistachio, the number of nuts per 142 grams is divided by five and the result shows the pistachio ounce or the number of nuts in one ounce(28.35 gr) can be counted. The lower the result, the bigger are the nuts. It must be noted that the Medium size of Fandoghi pistachio is the largest in its class

Ounce between 20~22: Extra large
Ounce between 22~24: Large
Ounce between 24~26: Medium
 Ounce upper 26: Small

The differences between Akbari and Ahmad Aghai pistachios

Ahmad Aghaei pistachios are lighter in color than Akbari
The average number of Akbari pistachios is 700 to 800 per kilogram
The average number of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios is 800 to 900 per kilogram
Ahmad Aghaei pistachios have a more resistant shell than Akbari pistachios
The moisture percentage of both pistachios is about 4%
Both types are suitable for serving

Iranan Dried Fig

The most important features of dried figs are the high quality of the product, high nutritional value, the possibility of long-term storage and the absence of disease and pest contamination. Natural color, smell and taste are other features of dried figs that distinguish them from each other. When harvesting dried figs, you should not use poisons, because one of the characteristics of high-quality figs is not to use poisons during harvesting.

Types of Iranian raisins

Golden Raisins / Sultana Raisins / Green Raisins

Iran is the third largest exporter of raisins in the world, exporting more than 150 thousand million tons of raisins per year (27% of global consumption) worth 250 million dollars. There are many types of Iranian raisins, including golden raisins, sultani raisins (higher quality, darker or lighter in color), black raisins, and green raisins. The advantage of Iranian raisins is mainly due to their reasonable price, variety, quality and production process, which makes them among the best raisins in the world

Golden Raisins (Grape), Soltani Raisins (Dark/Light), Golden Raisins, Green Raisins and Aftab Raisins (Dry Sun) are six common types of Iranian export raisins

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